3rd Party Integrations - Ability to count and add agents to Connectwise Agreements




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    Todd Jones

    To those of you that commented on this feature I apologize for not allowing your comments to go through and get posted. I didn't realize that they were stuck as "pending" on this board also wasn't being notified. Another partner just brought this to my attention. :-( 

    This feature is basically doubled up with another thread that is about the same feature but here is the information again:

    Some preliminary development took place behind the scenes in the last couple months with the release of our incremental billing changes. We now are producing a monthly breakdown of the Agents that are deployed to each company which can be provided to you upon request. Soon this will be setup to automatically be provided to the billing contact each month, with the next step making it automatically available for agreements.

    I don't have a solid eta on this yet but based on the votes and comments here will revisit the urgency of this in the development queue with the team.  

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    Lowell Picklyk

    So when was this set to Planned? The request is 3 years old... is there any status on this? I'd like to see more updates in Comments from AutoElevate developers when changes to the status are made, at least.

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