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    Dave Sibiski

    Matthew Weir This functionality has already been added to the next agent v2.5 that is coming very soon. There is already a setting for this in the "Configure Agent Dialog Message Overrides" section named "Pre-Request". However, as mentioned, you will need agent v2.5 for it to show up for end-users.

    Lowell Picklyk That is a great suggestion that is actually already on our roadmap. This specific request has been added to the "Next" section and can be found here:

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    Lowell Picklyk

    Yes, this would really be helpful. For example, when a request pops up and the user didn't initiate it, we actually want them to click Yes so we can be alerted to some activity that may be malicious. Problem is, the user is "admitting" to wanting to run this suspicious software without being given an opportunity to explain. Having a text field for comments would be so helpful. 

    Also, when a user tries to install something that's not immediately clear by the installer title they can explain what the install is for.

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